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   2022  Y=(0.298912*R+0.586611*G+0.114478*B) (Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, Tokyo)

   2021  TOMO SAKURAI Print Exhibition Vol.1 (RESURRECTION, Tokyo)
 2020  MONOCHROME 2020 Tomo Sakurai exhibition of original (Art Gallery SANAGI Shinjuku, Tokyo)


 2023  Crossing Borders with ART 2023(DDD ART, Tokyo)

Art Fair

 2022  FOCUS Art Fair Paris (Carrousel du Louvre, Paris)

   2021  ART FAIR TOKYO 2021 (Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo)
 2020  artTNZ produced by AFT with APCA (TERRADA ART COMPLEX II, Tokyo)


 2022  "1st Millennium Arts: Makino Mitsunori International Art Grand Prize Exhibition" Encouragement Award

   2007  "Yokohama College of Art Graduation Exhibition" Encouragement Award


  2023  Aida Mitsuo Museum (International Forum, Yurakucho)

  2020  Korea Art Museum, (Soul, Korea)



  2022  Y=(0.298912*R+0.586611*G+0.114478*B) (東急プラザ渋谷、東京)

  2021  TOMO SAKURAI Print Exhibition Vol.1 (RESURRECTION、東京)

  2020  MONOCHROME2020 桜井智原画展 (Art Gallery サナギ、東京)


  2023  Crossing Borders with ART 2023 (DDD ART, Tokyo)

  2021  Tomo Sakurai and shinPo mai 二人展-塗炭の芽- (Laugh&Peace Art Gallery吉本興業 、大阪/上之町會館、岡山)


  2022  FOCUS Art Fair Paris (カルーゼル・デュ・ルーブル、パリ)

  2021  アートフェア東京2021 (東京国際フォーラム、東京)

  2020  artTNZ produced by AFT with APCA (TERRADA ART COMPLEX Ⅱ、東京)


  2023  東京タワー


  2022 「第一回牧野満徳国際芸術大賞」奨励賞

  2007 「横浜美術短期大学卒業展」奨励賞


  2023  相田みつを美術館 (国際フォーラム、有楽町)

  2020  韓国美術館 (ソウル)


2024 CHARLES & KEITH グローバル旗艦店 (渋谷)

HOME: ようこそ!

"I chose monochrome(black and white) because there is something that color cannot convey."


Born in Nagano Prefecture. Graduated from Yokohama College of Art, Department of Graphic Design. A painter who excretes the polarity of things in black and white, she has struggled with the contradictions of the world since her teenage years, and balances her body and mind by drawing pictures. She draws in monochrome, overlaying philosophical elements on abstract matters such as human perception and quantum mechanics. Her production philosophy is to free the viewer from stereotypes and to make them aware of moderation. She uses a wide range of expressive techniques, mainly abstract paintings, but also installations.Furthermore, With an exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre (France) in 2022, she started a conceptual art project that combines upcycling of bamboo and mourning dress (Kimono) with contemporary art, and is now widely disseminated both in Japan and abroad.


Monochrome Artist


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