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ABOUT: プロフィール
モノクロームアーティスト 桜井 智


Monochrome artist

Tomo Sakurai 

Born in Nagano Prefecture. Graduated from Yokohama College of Art, Department of Graphic Design. Painter who excretes the polarities of things in black and white. Having struggled with the contradictions of the world since her teenage years, she has found physical and mental balance through painting. She simplifies concepts and interpretations by turning them into monochrome, and expresses them in black and white, where the contrasts of yin and yang and light and dark are most beautiful. Work is intended to embrace the poles and make us aware of the middle. With the exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre in 2022, She began to combine the upcycling of bamboo and mourning dress with contemporary art, and has been widely exhibiting his work both in Japan and abroad. Collectors include a certain overseas artist.




This is an attempt to embody "GOEN" itself, a sensory language that cannot be directly translated in foreign languages connected through artwork, from the perspective of sustainability and contemporary art. The first phase of the project will be an exhibition at several venues in Paris, the place of origin, in January 2024.

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   2022  Y=(0.298912*R+0.586611*G+0.114478*B) (Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, Tokyo)

   2021  TOMO SAKURAI Print Exhibition Vol.1 (RESURRECTION, Tokyo)
 2020  MONOCHROME 2020 Tomo Sakurai exhibition of original (Art Gallery SANAGI Shinjuku, Tokyo)


 2021  Tomo Sakurai and shinPo mai 2person exhibition "Totan no me"(Laugh&Peace Art Gallery, Osaka)

             Installation of a 2person exhibition “Silver Factory”(Double tall art & Espresso bar, Tokyo)

Art Fair

 2022    FOCUS Art Fair Paris (Carrousel du Louvre, Paris)

   2021 ART FAIR TOKYO 2021 (Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo)
 2020  artTNZ produced by AFT with APCA (TERRADA ART COMPLEX II, Tokyo)


 2022  "1st Millennium Arts: Makino Mitsunori International Art Grand Prize Exhibition" Encouragement Award

   2007  "Yokohama College of Art Graduation Exhibition" Encouragement Award


  2023   Aida Mitsuo Museum (International Forum, Yurakucho)

  2020   Korea Art Museum, (Soul, Korea)



  2022  Y=(0.298912*R+0.586611*G+0.114478*B) (東急プラザ渋谷、東京)

  2021  TOMO SAKURAI Print Exhibition Vol.1 (RESURRECTION、東京)

  2020  MONOCHROME2020 桜井智原画展 (Art Gallery サナギ、東京)


  2022  三人展-GACHA- (ダブルトールアート&エスプレッソバール、東京)

  2021  Tomo Sakurai and shinPo mai 二人展-塗炭の芽-(Laugh&Peace Art Gallery吉本興業 、大阪/上之町會館、岡山)

  2021 インスタレーション2人展「銀紙工場」(ダブルトールアート&エスプレッソバール、東京)


  2022  FOCUS Art Fair Paris(カルーゼル・デュ・ルーブル、パリ)

  2021  アートフェア東京2021 (東京国際フォーラム、東京)

  2020  artTNZ produced by AFT with APCA (TERRADA ART COMPLEX Ⅱ、東京)


  2022  HIGH FIVE SALADコラボイベント(ハイファイブサラダ早稲田店、東京)

  2022  三者三妖(ダブルトールアート&エスプレッソバール、東京)

  2022  neutral(Débris代官山、東京)


  2022 「第一回牧野満徳国際芸術大賞」奨励賞

  2007 「横浜美術短期大学卒業展」奨励賞


  2023  相田みつを美術館 (国際フォーラム、有楽町)

  2020  韓国美術館 (ソウル)




Many of her works are based on the theme of "duality". This state of duality can be described as "Incompatible, yet coexisting" "Contradictory, yet coexisting" "Only valid because they are in opposition" This can be applied to emotions, to things, to all things. We humans, without exception, are built on it. And in her daily experience, She found a contrast and beauty in the power that comes from the danger of the state of affairs and the limitations of the phenomenon. Expressing in monochrome is her way of life.


When I am silent, I fall into that place

Where everything is music


Today I have seen the works by contemporary artist Tomo Sakurai. It was an arranged meeting in the sunny winter day. I’m always happy to go out on the days like this. Everything was black and white, the simplicity of colors made me turn my attention to the texture, gradations, mysterious forms, that move, expend, sing in its own language. No, not language, they sing in silence. I always try to fill my wardrobe with colors and my days with music, and I guess I miss some other beautiful aspect of life.  

Once I’ve heard that when you are sad it’s like the world looses it’s colors. Our emotions effect how we see the world, how we react, what we expect. But the world without colors, is it so bad? The world is just stripped out of it’s clothes and accessories, fancy perfumes and make up. 

And what is left then? Just naked truth.   

The truth that we are afraid to face. Some people is afraid to be alone for even sometime, because they don’t want to face themselves as they are. Imperfect, hurt maybe, but a beautiful human who can love, share joy, overcome challenges. The truth is very simple, colored in white and black.  

Some people turn on TV just to avoid the silence, and not knowing that silence speaks more than any sounds. And black and white may express much more than any colors. 

In the tarot deck there is a “Death” card, portraying a skeleton, but the meaning is not a death itself. The meaning is transformation and rebirth, facing the truth. Skeleton, without skin or muscles, nothing left but the truth. 

If I keep writing I feel I will produce even more chaotic thoughts. Let me stop here with realization of something important and something still covered in mystery. I will stop right now and sit in silence facing noting else but the truth.    












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